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Privacy Notice for Customers

Azbil (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the Protection of Personal Data of Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

According to the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (A.D. 2019) (“PDPA”), personal data is defined as any data pertaining to an individual which enables identification of the said individual, whether directly or indirectly, but specifically excluding data of the deceased persons.

Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. understands the importance of protecting the personal data of our clients, suppliers, and any other persons who visit our website ( (“Website”), and commits to comply with the requirements of the PDPA and other applicable personal data protection laws and regulations.

1. Basic Principles

At Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we respect the privacy of personal data and we fully appreciate the necessity for appropriate protection and management of such information. We therefore endeavor to protect personal data, in accordance with the following principles:

  1. We comply with the PDPA and the related laws and regulations, and educate and train employees to handle personal data properly.
  2. We take due care when acquiring personal data.
  3. We take safety control measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, data destruction, data falsification, data leaks, and any other risks.
  4. We continue to work to protect personal data and we take measures for improvement.

2. Customers’ Personal Data

  1. We collect your name, address, email address, company name, IP address, device ID, date and time of visit our Website, cookies, data about your usage of our Website, and any other information which you may submit or provide to us on our Website or during our communications via email or telephone call.
  2. We use personal data provided by you only for purposes as set out in this Privacy Policy.
  3. Generally, we do not provide or disclose your personal data to any third party except when

    3.1 The individual in question gives his/her consent; or

    3.2 The law requires or sanctions it, including where we are required to disclose your personal data pursuant to the order of the competent authority or court order; or

    3.3 The information is provided in such a way that it does not enable any individual to be identified; or

    3.4 The disclosure of your personal data is required as part of the sale, transfer, merger or acquisition of our business, assets or properties, either in whole or in part, or where there is a change of ownership in our business.

  4. We undertake to preserve the accuracy of all personal data and to manage it in a safe manner. Moreover, if we share personal data with a third party or commission a third party to handle such personal data, we will ensure that the party in question will manage the information in a similarly safe manner.
  5. If customers should wish to see or amend their own personal data, they should make an application through the proper channels (or to our Data Protection Officer), in which case we will respond with all reasonable promptness.

3. Inquiries

Please direct any comments or inquiries regarding this policy or your own personal data to us or the Data Protection Officer at;

(a) Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
No. 9 G Tower Grand Praram 9, 14th Floor, Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310
By telephone:

Bangkok Head Office: +66 2011-9000
Amata City Chonburi Branch: +66 38-457-076-7
Solution and Technology Center, Rayong: +66 38-682-453

(b) Data Protection Officer
By email:

How we use personal data

Except where stipulated otherwise, Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. makes use of your personal data solely for the following purposes:

  1. To process your inquiries, or any other concerns and to respond to such inquiries, or concerns by mail, e-mail, telephone, or other means—information relating to Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd., its products and services. This may include company profiles, catalogs, and public relations publications.
  2. To send you information about events that Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has organized or is participating in, including shows and exhibitions, seminars, campaigns, questionnaires, and free offers.
  3. To conduct marketing activities which include sending you our newsletter, promotion, advertisement and any other marketing communications which might be of your interest, market research related to the conditions and environments in which Azbil products and services are used.
  4. To improve our Website, products and/or services.
  5. To monitor usage of our Website and to monitor and prevent any fraud or misuse of our Website.
  6. To comply with applicable laws or regulations, or order of the governmental authorities or competent court, if required. In this case, failure to provide your personal data may result in us and/or you being in non-compliance or violation of such applicable law or regulation, as the case may be.

Cross-border transfer of your personal data

As we are an affiliate of Azbil Corporation and part of azbil Group which having establishments in many countries outside of Thailand, there could be certain circumstances where we may need to transfer your personal data to our affiliates or Group companies in order to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Such other countries include, without limitation, the European countries, Japan, and any other relevant countries in which they may or may not provide the same level of personal data protection as required by the PDPA.

In any cases, will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your personal data will be treated and transferred securely and in accordance with the requirements of the PDPA and any other applicable laws or regulations. We will further ensure that the recipients of your personal data shall be obligated to implement adequate personal data protection standard.

Notwithstanding the above, should your personal data needs to be transferred to a country which does not provide adequate personal data protection standard and there is no other legal ground which we can rely on for the said cross-border transfer of your personal data apart from relying on consent, we will notify you of the inadequacy of personal data protection standard and obtain your consent before proceeding with the said cross-border transfer of your personal data.

Retention of your personal data

Your personal data will be retained by us for a period necessary to fulfil purposes described in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise prescribed by applicable law.

Right to your personal data

Subject to limitation and conditions of the PDPA and any other applicable laws or regulations, you are entitled to several rights to your personal data which are as follows;

  1. Right of Access: To request to have access to or receive a copy of your personal data held by us, or to request the disclosure of the source of your personal data which you did not consent to.
  2. Right to Data Portability: To request to obtain your personal data in a format which is generally usable and readable by automatic tools or device, if any, and to have your personal data in the said format transmitted to other data controllers.
  3. Right to Object: To object to our processing of your personal data, where, among others, your personal data is collected, used or disclosed for direct marketing purpose, or where the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data relies on legitimate interest as a legal basis.
  4. Right to Erasure: To request that your personal data be deleted, destructed or de-identified where: (a) your personal data is no longer required for the purpose of which it has been collected, used or disclosed; (b) you have withdrawn your consent and we do not have legal authorization to continue to collect, use or disclose such personal data; (c) you object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data which was collected by relying on public task or legitimate interest as a legal basis; (d) you object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data which was collected for directly marketing purpose; or (e) your personal data was collected, used or disclosed unlawfully.
  5. Right to Suspension: To request that the processing of your personal data be suspended where: (a) you exercise your right to rectification and we are in the process of examining such request; (b) where our collection, use or disclosure of your personal data is unlawful but you do not want such personal data to be deleted or destroyed; (c) your personal data is no longer required by us but you would like us to retain such personal data to establish, comply, exercise or defend legal claims; or (d) you object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data and we are in the process of examining such request.
  6. Right to Rectification: You are entitled to request that your personal data be corrected, rectified or updated. To proceed with this request, we may require supporting documents for verification purpose.
  7. Right to Withdraw Consent: Where our processing of your personal data relies on consent as a legal basis, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, unless otherwise specified by the applicable law.
  8. Right to Lodge Complaint: If you think that our handling or processing of your personal data is in violation of or not in compliance with the provisions of the PDPA, you may lodge complaint to the personal data protection supervisory authority in Thailand. Notwithstanding that, we would encourage you to first contact us to solve any such issues before reaching out to the supervisory authority.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

  1. This website may use cookies*1 and web beacons*2 for the following purposes.
    1. To send customers information concerning products and services offered by Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or its partner companies that we think, based on your website access history, might benefit you.
    2. To analyze how you use our website, which helps us to improve it.
    3. To collect information on whether customers have opened e-mail we sent and whether customers have visited our website afterwards, and to utilize such information to provide customers with better service.
    4. To identify the cause of a problem, etc., with our website or web servers and to solve it.
  2. You can set your browser to notify you when cookies are sent to you, and you can choose whether to receive them. However, if you refuse to receive cookies, you may not be able to use certain features, etc., of our website.

*1. Cookies are small pieces of data similar to browser bookmarks that are sent to your browser when you visit a website. Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience when you return to the website. Cookies can identify the computer you use, but cannot identify individuals.

*2. Web beacons work with cookies to store information about user access to our website on a web server. A web beacon is often a small image (such as a clear GIF) embedded in a webpage. This technology allows us to obtain usage information, such as your browser type, OS, pages accessed, etc., but it is not possible to identify individuals or to retrieve personal information.

This Privacy Policy only applies to Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. This website contains link to Azbil Group and may contain links to other websites, which are outside our control. These sites may also collect and use your personal data according to their personal data protection practices which may differ from this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you are encouraged to consult the privacy notice of those sites.

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. Any modification will be posted on the Website. Should there be any substantial change on our personal data protection practices, we will ensure that our practices will be in compliance with the PDPA.

If you have any enquiries, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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