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Distributed Control System

Azbil (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. provides the following system project engineering service from sensor to DCS (Distributed Control System) and panels until Control Valve

System Engineering and Hardware/Software Design

For Harmonas-DEO™ DCS system and various Panels, we provides Project Engineering Service ,i.e. project management, system basic design, detailed design for hardware and software.
Once project starts, we establish project team consisting of Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Project Engineers, Inspection Engineer, Site-Service Engineers, and Project Coordinator, They are all well-experienced and trained professionals.

Harmonas-DEO is a trademark of Azbil Corporation.

Hardware Manufacturing, Software implementation and FAT

We provides cabinet/panel manufacturing based on the hardware Manufacturing Drawings at our factory near Bangkok. We provide software implementation service, i.e. data base generation, sequence programming logic, graphic display and report.

Site Startup Service and System Maintenance Program

We provide the following site maintenance program as a standard
  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Breakdown Maintenance program
  • Customer Supports at Site
  • Parts Management Program


We provide training services to customer at our office or customer’s site, which contains:
  • Engineering Course
  • Operation
  • Maintenance Course
We got a direct training from Japan/USA, the origin country of design and production

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