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Company History

  • Yamatake Shokai is established by Yamaguchi Takehiko.
Photo of Takehiko Yamaguchi
Takehiko Yamaguchi
Photo of 1933
1933 First Control Valve manufactured in Japan.
Photo of 1963
1963 Currentronik
Photo of 1985
1985 Hold joint investment agreement with Vidhayakom Co., Ltd.
Photo of 1991
1991 Receive plaque in honor of contributing to control valve engineering from TPA.
Photo of 1993
1993 Petroleum Authority of Thailand Chairman Dr.Sippanonda Ketudat(left) with Yamatake Chairman Haruo Okinobu during Bangkok office opening party.
Photo of 1995
Photo of 1996
1996 Thai Oil Co., Ltd. Head Instrument Engineer Sophon Trirutana speaks during Rayong Service Center opening party.
Photo of 1997
1997 Receive license of Energy improvement & Saving consultant from Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.
Photo of 2005
2005 Former MD of Yamatake Thailand. Kenji Mochimaru Presents donation to Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for Tsunami Aid.
Photo of 2006
2006 Thai Trade Representative, Prachuab Chaiyasan (Left), and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Bangkok, Chirayudh Vasuratna (Middle) attended 10th Anniversary Party.
History2009 ISO9001_2008
2009 Mr. Teramoto (right) former MD of Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. receives

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate from President of TQA Limited. (Cooperative company of JQA in Thailand), Mr.Kosaka (left).

2017 “Quality Management System Certificate, ISO9001:2015”

Photo of 2013
2018 “National Standard Traceability in Calibration field instrument and Control product, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 No.0332”
  • Brown Instruments imports start.
  • Yamatake Kogyo spins off from Yamatake Shokai
  • Technical license agreement signed with Honeywell.
  • Corporate name changed to Yamatake-Honeywell Keiki Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatake-Honeywell stock listed on Tokyo stock exchange.
  • Yamatake Keiso, Yamatake Engineering established.
  • First Yamatake-Honeywell products exported.
  • Corporate name change to Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatake Precision established
  • Yamatake Components established.
  • Technical transfer signed with India's Instrumentation Limited for control valves
  • Management/union sign Joint Declaration for Productivity
  • Savemation replaces First in Control as the company catchphrase
  • Yamatake and Vidhayakom Co., Ltd. hold joint investment agreement and established VKV Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
  • "Just-in-Time Upgrade Manufacturing Process" (JUMP) adopted. 80th anniversary celebrated.
  • Honeywell stake in Yamatake-Honeywell reduced from 50% to 24.15% and Strategic Alliance Agreement signed.
  • Yamatake Precision and Yamatake Components merge to form Yamatake Control Products.
  • Yamatake-Honeywell becomes the first Japanese controlcompany to receive ISO 9001 certification.
  • Yamatake-Honeywell receives plaque honoring its contribution to control valve engineering in Thailand from the Technological Promotion Association.
  • Chinese joint venture, SIC Yamatake Software, established.
  • Yamatake Techno-Systems established.
  • Representative offices opened in Thailand(Bangkok) and Indonesia.
  • Singapore Distribution Center jointly established withHoneywell South East Asia.
  • ISO 9001 certification for all factories completed.
  • Yamatake-SIC Building Automation and Yamatake-SIC Control Systems established in China.
  • Dalian Yamatake Control Instruments factory, in Dalian,China, starts operations.
  • Yamatake-Honeywell Co., Ltd took over VKV Co., Ltd. and established Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Yamatake Jinshan Control Instruments Co., Ltd.established in China.
  • YCV Corporation established in Phoenix, AZ in the U.S.A.
  • Yamatake-Honeywell becomes the first Japanese controlcompany to receive ISO 14001 certification.
  • Yamatake (Thailand) receives a license of a consultant of Energy Improvement & Saving in the factory automation from Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.
  • Yamatake Philippines, Inc. established
  • Yamatake-Honeywell and Honeywell sign business unit agreements replacing the Strategic Alliance agreement.
  • Yamatake (Thailand) opens a branch office and a Control valve maintenance Center in Rayong.
  • Yamatake (Thailand) Auytthaya Service Center opens.
  • PT. Yamatake Berca Indonesia established.
  • Yamatake (Thailand) Sriracha Service Center opens.
  • Yamatake Controls Singapore Pte. Ltd. established.
  • The Yamatake Group* reorganizes. Yamatake-Honeywell changes its name to Yamatake Corporation. Yamatake Keiso, and Yamatake Engineering are renamed Yamatake Building Systems and Yamatake Industrial Systems respectively.
  • Yamatake Korea Co., Ltd. established.
  • Yamatake Automation (M) Sdn. Bhd. established in Malaysia.
  • Dalian Yamatake Control Instruments Co., Ltd., in China, receives ISO 9002 certification.
  • Yamatake Corporation Brussels Branch established.
  • Yamatake Corporation acquires Cornerstone Division of Hunt valve Company, Inc. (CVD), in Houston, Texas, for improved access to US ball-type valve market.
  • Yamatake Taiwan Co., Ltd. established.
  • joint venture SICAL Yamatake Ltd. founded in India.
  • Yamatake China Limited established.
  • Yamatake Combustion Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. established.
  • Yamatake Sensing Control, Limited established in the U.S.
  • Yamatake Europe N.V. established in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Yamatake Combustion Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. expands and is renamed Yamatake Environmental Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatake Expert Services Co., Ltd. established.
  • Yamatake Corporation repurchases shares from Honeywell, formally ending equity relationship between the two companies.
  • Yamatake-SIC Building Automation expands and is renamed Shanghai Yamatake-SIC Environmental Control Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • YCV relocates to Houston TX, and changes its name to Yamatake America, Inc.
  • Yamatake Corporation, Yamatake Building Systems Co.,Ltd., and Yamatake Industrial Systems Co.,Ltd merge into a single Company.
  • Yamatake Automation products Shanghai Co., Ltd. established
  • Shanghai Yamatake Jinshan Control Instrument Co., Ltd. changes its name to Shanghai Yamatake Automation Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatake Thailand commemorates the 10th Anniversary of foundation in Thailand.
  • Yamatake Corporation commemorates the 100th Anniversary of foundation.
  • Yamatake Thailand receives "Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 9001:2000" certified by JQA.
  • Formulated new Group philosophy and symbol:azbil* Logo.
  • azbil logo
  • Yamatake Information Technology Center (Dalian) Co., Ltd. established
  • Yamatake (Thailand) expanded its Rayong Branch, combining Rayong office and CV maintenance center.
  • Yamatake Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Vietnam Hanoi) established
  • The Group name changes to the azbil Group
  • Yamatake (Thailand) opens a branch office in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Chonburi).
  • Yamatake America and Yamatake Sensing Control are merged to form Azbil North America, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • In China, Yamatake Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) is renamed Azbil Control Solution (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Yamatake(Thailand) changed its name to Azbil (Thailand).
  • Yamatake Mizuho Co., Ltd. is established.
  • Azbil (Thailand) receives "Quality Management System Certificate, ISO9001:2008" certified by JQA.
  • Azbil (Thailand) commemorates the 15 th Anniversary of foundation in Thailand.
  • The names of existing companies in Japan change to include “Azbil Corporation”.
  • Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. receives “National Standard Traceability in calibration field instrument and control product ,ISO/IEC 17025:2005 No.0225” Certified by Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISi)
  • Azbil (Thailand) receives “Quality Management System Certificate, ISO9001:2015” Certified by JQA
  • Azbil (Thailand) receives “National Standard Traceability in Calibration field instrument and Control product, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 No.0332” Certified by Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISi)

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