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New "azbil" Group----Think Over & Act Fast----for the customers in Thailand

Since our foundation in 1906, we have pursued measurement and control technologies, delivering unique solutions to our customers. Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established as the member of Yamatake Group in 1995. In April 2009, we changed our company name from Yamatake (Thailand) to Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. pursues "human-centered automation," which aims to contribute to people's safety, comfort and fulfillment and also to the global environmental preservation. We are developing our Building Automation business in the building market, Advanced Automation business in the plant and factory markets. We can meet your needs, offering everything from sensors to valves, controllers, systems, software and maintenance services.

In the last couple years, the resulting economic slowdown due to the COVID19 pandemic, as well as increasing geopolitical risks, have created challenging conditions. However, in the medium to long term, we believe that automation will take on a greater role.

We believe that our response to these issues will further expand the business areas that automation can support. Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. challenges to meet our customer's new requests and satisfy these expectations. Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has refocused our corporate role with "Think Over & Act Fast".

Takaaki Kawamura
Managing Director

* The Yamatake Group changed its name to the azbil Group.
*Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been changed to Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as of April 1, 2009.

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